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Relax and Enjoy the flight

When you fly Private Air Charter with Fly Vip Air, you travel on your schedule and your specific preferences. With Fly Vip Air, you yourself choose the flight time and the airport of departure and arrival, the type of aircraft, the catering menu, and the ground transportation that you would like to have waiting for you on the tarmac – Everything you want… We could prepare the hotel as your special requests, get tickets for you to big show or event via our expert concierge services

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Vietstar Airlines is a group of private jet, aircraft handling company based in Vietnam, offering FIRST & ONLY luxurious services, aircraft charter, management, jet maintenance, consultancy, air ambulance and ground handling services. We provide our clients with access to thousands of the highest rated private jets and Vietstar Jet is the ideal choice for private jet charter service. Our expert team has a wealth of experience in the private aviation industry. With their knowledge and resources, we can handle whatever you might need; the last minute trip, a luxury ski vacation or a private flight for memorable honeymoon.
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