Fuel Arrangement

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Fuel Arrangement

We have a direct contract with Vietnam Air Petrol Company Ltd, the leading aviation fuel supplier in all major airports of Vietnam that will ensure the delivery of safe and on-spec fuel at most locations at a competitive price.

We provide aviation fuel services in all Airports of Vietnam. With the fuel cost being the largest direct operating cost of any flight, being diligent when shopping for your aviation fuel is imperative. At Vietstar Aviation, we believe that all savings per liter or gallon reflects hugely on your flight department’s annual fuel bill.

We have signed a direct contract with local aviation fuel suppliers to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible value. We also contract with more than one aviation fuel supplier in every location to provide our clients with the best competitive fuel prices. This strategy, in addition to the volume of fuel we buy per year, allows us to offer competitive and cost-effective jet fuel rates. In fact, We only purchase jet fuel that complies with international standards and tests.

Contact us:
- Email: opshan@vietstaraielines.vn
- Phone: +84 986 716868 (Cell/WhatsApp/ Viber)
Fuel Arrangement