VIP service in Vietnam Airports

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VIP Services

VIP Services

VIP Service will be the best choice to save your waiting time, quickly completing procedures at the departure and arrival stations to enjoy the entire journey comfortably.

For Customers order service:  This is the best way to demonstrate your high esteem to the VIPs on their visit to Vietnam. With our service, you can come to the Airplane Staircase to welcome the VIPs and use the VIP room for greeting and even a short meeting to create a good impression to the VIPs.

For the VIPs: They will be greeted with the welcome/see-off formalities used for diplomatic officers. VIPs will not be bothered by Custom & Immigration Clearance Procedures and relax while our staff take care of those procedures on behalf of the VIPs.

Arrival Flight:
1. Representatives of your company arrive at the Airport before the Airplane lands; take a rest inside our comfortable VIP room to wait for the Airplane.
2. When the Airplane has landed, the representatives will meet and greet VIPs at the door of the aircraft together with our charming ladies, present the VIPs with flowers, then bring them back to VIP room. (We will arrange transportation inside the Airport).
3. The VIPs and representatives can relax or have a brief meeting inside the VIP room, while their luggage are picked-up and other formalities of Immigration & Custom procedures are taken care by our staffs.
4. After returning all the passports, luggage to the VIPs, we say good-bye to your group at VIP room. Service for Arrival Flight completed.

Departure Flight:

1. VIPs’ passports, tickets and check-in luggage shall be brought to the Airport 2 hours before Departure time (ETD) for check-in.
2. After clearing all necessary procedures, our staff give back passport, boarding pass to the representatives at the VIP room.
3. The VIPs arrive at the Airport 30 minutes before ETD; take a rest inside VIP room until boarding time. We will transfer the representatives and the VIPs to the Airplane Staircase for boarding.
4. Our staffs and the representatives return to VIP room and say good-bye. Service for Departure Flight completed.

How to order:

Just send us details of the VIPs (Full names, Nationality, Position names, Flight number, arrival/departure date and time) together with details of people who will meet-up with the VIPs (full name and Passport No./ ID card No.). We will greatly appreciate if you could send us the above details at least 3 working days in advance of VIP arrival/departure.

VIP Services

Vip Services